Intro: Choosing Between Front Load Vs Top Load Washers

Hi, I created this website to chronicle my decision over what type of washer to buy.  I need a replacement washer and dryer soon and thought it would be neat to make public the process.  This way, it'll give me the kick in the butt to not procrastinate and actually get around to doing something about it.  I'm a meticulous person and like to fully think things through, especially for major purchases.  Hopefully, the information I used to make my choice will help you. 

My goal is to have all the necessary information so I can make an informed decision between front load vs top load washers.  I want to buy the washing machine that is the best value for my money and with the most useful features.  To put it simply, it should make my life easier.  Come back and visit for regular updates.  Any comments will be much appreciated!